Frequently Asked Questions

Before messaging the club, check this page out, it should answer most of your questions.

The Barwon Valley Water Ski Club is situated on the Barwon Valley River in Geelong. The Barwon Valley Water Ski Club was established in 1984 to cater for the Water Skiing needs in Geelong and surrounding areas. The Club utilises certain sections of the Barwon River for their skiing activities. The boat ramp and meeting place is located under the East side of the Moorabool Street bridge. The Club has approximately 140 individual and family members and is growing in numbers each year.

A membership costs $150.00 per year. There is also a $35.00 CCMA Permit Fee to be paid. New boat members will also be required to pay a $20 deposit for the gate key.

Before joining, please read the rules and the safety requirements PDF’s for your boat click here

Once your boat meets all of the requirements, please sign up to be a member click here

The time of the year determines how you can then get your boat scruitineered: We have two Scrutineering days in October/ November each year.

During Ski season you can come down to the boat ramp between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm on a Saturday or Sunday (check the roster first to see if we have use of the river and therefore a river officer on duty) and get your boat scruitineered and permit signed off. Check the roster click here

If it’s not on the roster- assume the normal rules of 5 boats and Breakwater end only.

To check if there is a River officer on duty for a particular day (or to sign up for shifts if you are a River Officer) click here

In the off season, call the club on 0418 396 535 and we will organise someone to be available, if possible, to scruitineer your boat.

Happy Skiing!