Barwon River Rules

To be read in conjunction with Barwon Water By-Law 165

All boats must have a current CCMA Boat Permit and this must be purchased PRIOR to launching boat (annual permit sticker to be fixed to transom in clear view)

All boat drivers must hold a current boating licence as required by Victorian Boating Regulations.

All boats must use ONLY the sections of river designated for POWERBOAT USE, which are clearly sign posted. No power boats are ever permitted to proceed upstream of the canoe club launching area approximately 400m downstream of the Shannon Avenue bridge

All boats must have 3rd party Waterskiers Liability insurance: Minimum liability of $5 million. Please check your policy to ensure it covers you for your activities, some policies DO NOT cover barefoot waterskiing. If you barefoot, check your policy.

Maximum Number of boats permitted on the river at any one time: FIVE Lower River, FIFTEEN Rowing Mile

Minimum age for boat drivers is 16 (must be licensed).

All waterskiers must wear an APPROVED BUOYANCY suit or vest when waterskiing.

ALL Children under the age of TEN must wear a life jacket whenever they are in a boat.

Maximum number of skiers being towed behind the boat at one time is TWO.

When a skier falls, pull the rope into the boat before and proceeding back to your skier.

Minimum age for observers is 12. When waterskiing there must ALWAYS be an observer in the boat. The driver of the boat cannot be an observer.

All boats and skiers must stay as close as practicable to the starboard (right) bank and ALWAYS travel in anti-clockwise direction. NEVER ski ACROSS the river, ALWAYS proceed along the right bank.

Boom bars are NOT to be left out when not in use.

Tubes and other ‘non-controllable’ “water toys” are NOT permitted on the river.

Outgoing (or stationary) boats MUST ALWAYS give way to incoming (or moving) boats.

Always obey the instructions of the River Officer, a member of the Police Force, or a representative of Barwon Water.

When skiing or dropping a skier in front of the boat dock (Sunday afternoons etc.), keep your boat as far away from the dock as possible, and maintain your speed past the end of the dock to the reeds, to avoid damaging other boats against the dock.

The number of people in your boat can only be a maximum of 6 ADULTS (including skiers) plus an unlimited number of children up to 16 years of age, but ONLY to the maximum your boat is licensed to carry.

If there are rowers or canoeists using the powerboat section of river, stay as far away from them as possible. Non-powered vessels ALWAYS have right of way even if they are in the wrong!

No Ballast or Wake Enhancement Devices to be used. Those suspected of using Ballast or Wake Enhancement will have their permit revoked.

No refuelling your boat on the River, or De-Bilging in the boat ramp.

All River users must ensure that riverbanks are not damaged and all rubbish is placed in bins provided.

No wakesurfing is permitted on the river eg. no riding the wake close to the boat with or without a rope and handle.

The Barwon River is a natural river with banks lined with trees and other potential obstacles (both natural and man made) such as retaining walls/posts, boat docks, bridge pylons, water pipes etc.  As with any other waterski area, it is the responsibility of each skier to become aware of the surroundings and take due care when involved in any waterski activities.Each person uses the river at their own risk, and therefore neither The Barwon Valley Waterski Club Inc. nor Barwon Water will be held liable for any accident that may occur.